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About the Products

Gift Boxes

In our gift boxes we want to make sure we are including high quality products and where possible sourced from Irish Brands. Using well known brands allowed us to try out the products ourselves first and make sure we are providing useful products that will last. We also strive where possible to choose eco-conscious options from the products themselves to the gift boxes and packaging.

In each gift box we include a note card. When checking out you can add who the gift is for and who it is from and we will add this to the card for you. If you leave the notes box empty at check out we will include a blank note card.

The gift box itself is a natural colour gift box containing shredded paper with the products wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper to match our My Little Pear Tree logo. To ensure the gift box is well protected when sent out for delivery we send out in a mailer bag. Majority of our mailers biodegrade within 12 months without leaving any nasties behind, we are working hard to ensure all of the mailers we use are environmentally friendly and will biodegrade sooner rather than later. 


We have teamed up with BabyBoo and we are delighted to be able to include their GOTS 100% Organic Cotton zippyboo suits (babygrows), dribbleboo bandana bibs, super size square muslins and much more. See below for some care guidelines on the dribbleboo bibs.

Skincare for baby

We have also teamed up with Dublin Herbalists, we wanted to provide something for parents to use on their babys skin that was natural and cruelty free. Dublin herbalists tick both of these boxes with their baby balm and baby oil. We also include hand sanitiser as we know how important this is!

Books and Toys

Here at My Little Pear Tree we love a good book and love to read to our children as well as seeing them read too, so of course we had to stock some books. These make a great add-on for any older siblings or can also be purchased individually. You will see some well known authors you might have enjoyed as a child too from Roald Dahl to Shirley Hughes.

We also have a small selection of wooden toys too, again these can be part of your gift box or sold separately. Wooden toys can be used as a decoration in babies room until they are old enough to play with them.


And finally we have the cutest selection of silicone and wooden teethers included in the gift boxes, from pandas to elephants and bears, these are perfect for when those little teeth start to pop through. The silicone teethers are non toxic, 100% food grade silicone, FDA approved and are free from BPA, Lead, Cadmium, Phthalates, PVC and Latex. The wooden teethers are made from pure beech wood, completely natural with no chemicals or varnish. 

The Silicone teethers can be washed in warm soapy water and left to dry or put in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

The wood teethers can be wiped and then dried, and then it is recommended
treating with an organic wood preserver such as a simple beeswax and olive
oil mix. This preserves the integrity of the wood, and stops the surface
becoming rough.

Care Guidelines for Babyboo dribble bibs

If you were lucky enough to receive a BabyBoo dribble bib in your gift box have a look at the below care guidelines so you get the most out of your bibs.

BabyBoo recommends washing at 30 degrees in your regular detergent, and it is not recommended to soak bibs prior to washing as soaking may cause the designs to fade. Damp, drool filled bibs should be washed as soon as you can.

Wash dark colours separately. Once washed, reshape while it is damp, they can also be tumble dried on a low heat.