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Best SNA Christmas Gift

Best SNA Christmas Gift

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The perfect Christmas present for your child's / class SNA. This thoughtful gift contains the following: 

  • Best SNA Christmas tree decoration with the option to personalise or not
  • The Chocolate Garden of Ireland Chocolate Lollipop

To add the SNA name to the Christmas decoration please enter their name in the NAME box above and select the personalised option, please ignore the colour option dropdown, this is not applicable to this gift box. 

If ordering multiple gift boxes , please write all the names in name box

Please allow 7 - 10 business days for delivery.

Some information about the products:

The wooden Christmas tree bauble decoration is 9cm wide.

The Chocolate is from The Chocolate Garden of Ireland, made in the Carlow / Wicklow border. 

Some information from the chocolate garden of Ireland

Is the Chocolate Gluten Free

Cocoa doesn’t contain GLUTEN; however, plenty of ingredients that are used in flavouring chocolate fillings actually do. We have refined our product range to eliminate all gluten-containing ingredients from our chocolate products so you can rest assured if you are allergic to GLUTEN, if you are Coeliac or intolerant, our products will rest easy with you! Our chocolate production facility is a GLUTEN-Free Zone.

NUT Allergy Sufferer?

In our Chocolate Facility, we use NUTS (HAZELNUT, ALMOND, WALNUT, PISTACHIO). In our Ice Cream Facility, we use NUTS (HAZELNUT, ALMOND, PISTACHIO). PEANUTS are NOT used in any of our products.

Other Allergens?

SOYA is contained in the majority of our chocolate. MILK is contained in most of our chocolate and Ice cream. All of our packed products have ALLERGEN information on the packaging.