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Cover Page of Roald Dahls Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

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"Did you hear that Mr. Fox?! It's not over yet! We're not going home till we've strung you up dead as a Dingbat!"

Boggis is an enormously fat chicken farmer who only eats boiled chickens smothered in fat.

Bunce is a duck-and-goose farmer whose dinner gives him a beastly temper.

Bean is a turkey-and-apple farmer who only drinks gallons of strong cider.

Mr Fox is so clever that every evening he creeps down into the valley and helps himself to food from the farms.

Now the farmers have hatched a plan to BANG-BANG-BANG shoot Mr Fox dead. But, just when they think Mr Fox can't possibly escape, he makes a fantastic plan of his own . . .

Suitable for 8 Years and Up